The Fort Lauderdale Art Scene

Ed Burnette, Executive Director @ MASS District

So as we ease into the art walk, our beloved monthly event, I reflect on what has happened in the Fort Lauderdale art scene over the last three years. I feel utterly blessed that I have been able to contribute and help make a difference in my community. MASS District just celebrated its 1st year as an art district, and it’s so amazing how it has impacted the lives of the artist and residents in not only our neighborhood but in our city, Broward County and South Florida as a whole.

Collaborations have happened with fellow art districts and artist from as far north as Boynton Beach, West Palm and as far South as Wynwood. Artists and entrepreneurs have all lent a hand and contributed to our growth over the last three years. What strikes me as very touching is everyone has done it with one thing in mind, LOVE FOR ART and the concept of economic growth in our community. What was once a seedling photosynthesized by the efforts of its stakeholders and contributing artists, has now become a safe haven for anyone looking to embark on a career in the arts. It has become a economic engine in our city, and a symbol of an artistic grass roots movements with out public funding.

Art is the one thing that bridges gaps between communities that might have a social and economic contrast. It brings people together from all different backgrounds and walks of life. I’ve gone to art openings and have been in rooms with people with degrees in fine art and in the same room I’ve had conversations with a street artists. I have always thought to myself that it didn’t matter who you were, what your background was, what you have done in the past, what matters is now. If you produce art on any level whether it be performance art, visual art or music, you are and artist and that is that.

We didn’t know that all of  this was going to happen it just did, as Napoleon Hill said: “thoughts become things” and he was right! We focused on it and it materialized! But not without hardship, a lot of people including myself have spent countless hours organizing, but in the end it was all worth it. Now there are venues popping up all over MASS, the City and Broward County. Everyone is contributing in their own way and its a beautiful thing, from new art festivals to new galleries and businesses that cater to the creative community. So who is to be recognized for this? Who deserves the credit? In my opinion, everyone! From the 1st time vendor that sets up at artwalk to finally showcase their work, to our sponsors. Its all about community, which its root word is common. We all have something in common: LOVE FOR ART! Will we all get along? No. Will we all see eye to eye? No. But there is one thing that is true at this point in the Broward art scene. Not one person, not one business, not one artist is more important then the next. If one business or gallery closes, one will pop right in to fill the void.  It happened just this week, one gallery moved and one replaced it. Take myself for example, I rented my gallery in MASS at the end of 2013, 2016 rolls around I find myself as a DJ, a gallery owner, Executive Director of MASS and the VP of the Flagler Village Civic Association. What a roller coaster! But would it all continue should something happen to me? Absolutely, because there’s a great momentum happening now! And as this year flies by, I forecast even bigger things happening in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County and in the South Florida art scene as a whole.

That being said, come out to art walk and see what all the creatives have been brewing up all month long to showcase to the public! Below is the link to our event page, the map of our free trolley system and all the links to the various venues participating this month. I would like to take this moment to thank our sponsors for giving us the funds we need to keep our event running, and I would like to thank everyone who participates and contributes at every and any level.  I would also like to thank everyone who has believed in me, and our vision of what MASS truly is. MASS is home!

Written by: Ed Burnette

Sponsored by:

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al huggins

Its going down this Saturday February 27th from 3pm to 6pm, we art going transfer this wall into a pice of art work.. Come out show your support.. Mr King will be on the mic with T lyfe on the tables..Free hotdogs, praking,soda,candy and more..1120 NW 6TH STREET FORT LAUDERDALE 33311 SEE YOU THERE!! AL Huggins

sailboat bend





Here is a map of the trolley stops for this months art walk, also a link for the route. Please be advised that event Parking is $5 at the dedicated art-walk parking lot. It is highly suggested that you park there, as there is a valet service keeping vehicles safe! Pride Parking. Parking icon on the map is designated as (P)






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