MASS District (Music & Arts South of Sunrise) in Fort Lauderdale celebrates its first birthday this Saturday and has big plans to make it a night to remember. There is going to be a lot to see! Starting at 6PM, stroll through the district to have your fill of art, music, DJ’s, an eclectic variety of vendors, delectable goods from food trucks, murals, free trolleys and even ten foot robots covered in 3,000 LED lights from LUTN! Speaking of LUTN, you can’t miss their block party in honor The Birthday Bash. This rocking block party will have entertainment for ALL AGES, such as: a car meet, LED robot performances, face painting, a bounce house and a live DJ all night! Make sure you arrive hungry because the food trucks for this event have some delicious offerings for us!   You’ll have your choice of Mitas Dishes, Cuban cooking at it’s tastiest or some amazing Brazillian cuisine from Brazillian Fire, then top it all off with some cool, sweet dessert from  All Stars Froyo.
It will also be exciting to watch local artists paint live as they compete in a contest sponsored by Art Attack. Eight local artists, including myself, are bringing their easels and painting supplies, being supplied with a 30 x 30 canvas and are going to get busy making their masterpieces. The winner of the contest walks away with $200 worth of canvas from Art Attack which is like hitting the jackpot to any artist! Canvas is treasured indeed!

Bottom line is this: January’s Art Walk is going to be legendary. Don’t miss it. Come see for yourself what everyone is talking about. It’s not every day a part of town blossoms into a hotspot for the arts and celebrates a year of incredible growth and milestones. MASS is a district of creatives and businesses that want community and economic development of Fort Lauderdale through the arts. They support local artists and charities in an abundance of ways and have given the artists of South Florida a voice and a place to call home. Celebrate that!

Let’s get down to the fine details. Local artist Vivian Orozco will be your host on the trolley, greeting you with her genuine, big friendly smile that she is known for. I highly suggest checking out her work! It’s spectacular! https://www.facebook.com/petitflor/?fref=ts.

Dj Lerue M.C and DJ 6-7Pm
Rosalia Curbelo Poetry/Spoken Word 7-7:15Pm
Mark Knick Live Music 7:30- 8:00Pm

Chantil Dukart Live Music 9pm 9 45

Susyn  Agele  Hand Made Jewelry
Diana Perez
Q art by Karina
Serefima sokolov
Jessica Fernandez,  Artist
Laurie Pheonix Niewidok
TinaBandana Expresions


Live Painters:
Manes Marcellon
Marene K Downs
Marcos Conde
Desiree Kim
Mike Otero
Artme Rebeca Pinto
Leah Aimee
Jennifer Riaz

Brunnos Food Truck

Venues/Art Shows
The Great project
Art Eclectic

1 year in bizness

Mac Fine Art
My soul, My energy, My spirit

Light Up The Night
Block Party

Art Attack Presents
Saving Destruction

Glavovic Studio

Shade Post
The Art Bloc



Breaking into the arts and actually making a living from it is one of the toughest obstacles an artist faces. The creation of the MASS District has literally made it possible for many artists to get started or expand and grow their following so you can imagine how happy the artists of South Florida are to seize this opportunity and be a part of the scene. All fees they collect from the vendors are reinvested in the district and used to promote growth. Another huge bonus is that it only costs $20 to be a vendor as opposed to some other events where fees are higher and may not be feasible for the masses. MASS is for the masses. MASS is for us all. Join us in celebration, recognizing the group of galleries and creative businesses that combined forces and created this haven for the arts.

January 30th is the day, the day to celebrate the birth of a new era in the arts in Fort Lauderdale. Come say Happy Birthday to MASS and have a blast!


In conclusion, I’d like to offer a special, heart felt, thank you to all the businesses who sponser MASS District: Light Up The Night, MAC FINE ART, Mellow Mushroom Fort Lauderdale, The Original SignMan, ArtAttack and Pride Parking Services.


Sign up to attend the event through Facebook for more details and updates. https://www.facebook.com/events/1004802176244543/



By Jennifer Riaz


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